Whether a seasoned, serial entrepreneur or a budding business with no idea where to start, RK&L is poised to get you where you need to be, in a cost-effective matter. And, if you need some one-to-one face time, hand-holding and basic explanations in plain English, we’ll give that to you, too. It’s the RK&L way.

Sohila Rezai, ESQ.


Sohila Rezai, Esq. has been practicing transactional and litigation law in Los Angeles for more than 15 years.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in business law including strategic corporate formations, corporate and regulatory compliance, and business contract and lease negotiations.  She has advocated cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services on behalf of her clients.

Sohila is also a licensed real estate broker and a member of both the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In addition to corporate structuring and compliance services, she is currently using her in-depth knowledge of the local real estate markets and understanding of regulatory vagaries of different municipalities to provide strategic legal advice to cannabis clients regarding optimal business location.

Sohila has extensive experience in immigration law, ranging from work permits and VISA applications to all aspects of the naturalization process. She handles a range of immigration-related issues for individuals, families and businesses.

Ninaz Khorsandi, ESQ.


Ninaz Khorsandi, Esq. is a partner at RK&L and has been practicing law since 2004. Prior to entering the cannabis law sector, Ninaz was practicing as a civil litigator, doing law and motion and conflict resolution. Thereafter, she pursued transactional law, representing corporate clients as general counsel, in industries ranging from medicine to manufacturing.

Her resolution-orientation frame of mind has also served transaction clients judiciously - allowing for multiple “win-win” solutions to all parties involved. Through her transactional experience, Ninaz gained greater exposure to the cannabis industry. Her interest and involvement in this ever-changing landscape have lent themselves very well to the firm’s cannabis client-centered emphasis.

Currently, Ninaz is assisting her cannabis clients with business structure and formation, protection analysis, contract negotiation, and operational efficiency. While these are big bites for a business enterprise to master in a recently-legalized and daily-changing landscape, Ninaz is skilled at teaching her clients how to navigate their business venture from the inside out. This leads to the client’s greater understanding of their business structure, needs and efficiency on their day to day operations, and is one of the reasons Ninaz’s clients are grateful for her and end up looking to her as their general counsel.

Nazanin Lahijani, ESQ.


Since 2001, Nazanin Lahijani, Esq. has been representing individuals and businesses in litigation arising out of a spectrum of issues such as negligence, breach of contract, construction defect, insurance claims, business disputes, and fraud, check-kiting and ponzi schemes. Prior to becoming a partner in RK&L, Nazanin worked at preeminent law firms in Los Angeles, namely Musick, Peeler & Garrett, LLP and Barton, Klugman & Oetting LLP.

Armed with the experience of the litigation world, Nazanin decided to take her knowledge-base and apply it proactively to serve transactional clients. With her strong advocacy background and ready familiarity with all-too-common contractual and business failures, she is well-poised to negotiate, create and draft agreements on behalf of her transactional clients. In response to the burgeoning cannabis industry (and correlating client inquiries), Nazanin expanded the breadth and depth of her understanding of this rapidly-growing industry to better serve her cannabis clientele in all aspects, ranging from licensing applications and business formations to corporate and regulatory compliance.