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Posted By : rklawcorp | Date : 10-16-2015

With the passage of Proposition 47, certain low-level, non violent felonies can now be changed to misdemeanors on old criminal records. If you or someone you know has a prior criminal record with a felony record for any of the following crimes, you may qualify to remove the felony from your record and change it to a misdemeanor:
Simple drug possession; Petty theft under 950 dollars; Shoplifting under 950 dollars; Forging or writing a bad check under 950 dollars; Receipt of stolen property under 950 dollars.
State prison cost savings from the changes are supposed to be invested in grants for drug treatment and mental health services for people in the criminal justice system, programs for at-risk students in k-12 schools, and victim services. However, not everybody is happy about the changes.