Internet, E-Commerce & Social Media

In today’s global business playing field, an electronic presence is essential to any venture’s longevity, growth, expansion and ultimate exit strategy. But the world-wide web, for the limitless opportunity is presents, is also riddled with new (and continuously evolving) legal pitfalls. From privacy rights and security concerns to intellectual property rights, from novel employment issues to e-commerce-based service agreements, one must remain ever-vigilant and proactive to ensure continued success, a competitive edge and peace of mind.

Among the scope of legal services RK&L can provide to protect your business’s internet, e-commerce and social media presence is the following:

  • Branding and distribution and marketing agreements
  • Employee e-mail and internet usage (internal) policies and notice, copyright and licensing (external) policies
  • Web development and consulting agreements (including website advertising clearance agreements, development agreements, e-commerce terms of use, terms of sale, privacy policy and cookies disclaimer)
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Internet-specific issues